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The more you SPEND, the more you SAVE...

It doesn’t matter which income bracket you fall into, financial comfort is relative and [virtually] everyone, everywhere is feeling the pinch, save perhaps for Kardashians and Jeff Bezos.

One positive thing to come of all the rising cost of living across the globe, is that consumers are becoming more savvy and are making their online shopping addiction work for them. Whether that’s being able to spread the cost (we offer clearly pay in 3 on our website), using payment providers who offer direct rewards, shopping the sales (Click here to view our sale deals!) or choosing a retailer who quite literally REWARDS loyalty like we do, meaning the more you spend, the more you save.

You expect to get consistently good service, hopefully getting better over time to thank you for your continued loyalty, but getting a tangible prize for your consistency, is a really good sign you’re shopping in the right place. Every time you place an order with us, you will earn points based on the value of the order, these accumulate each time you shop, and can be used when you're ready for a nice discount on your next purchase. 

We are always working behind the scenes to make things better for our customers, and last year we upgraded both our customer account feature, and our rewards provider. The two are now fully integrated, making your points easier to access and use.

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As always, myself and my team are here to help you in any way you need. If you cannot access your points, just give us a heads up BEFORE placing your order, and we can easily sort this out for you.

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