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Searching for the Perfect Competition Jacket?

Finding the perfect show jacket, is a sacred quest, one who's significance cannot be understated...Your jacket is your silent partner, your centre line/ jumping ring bestie, there to whisper encouragement in your ear, helping you achieve your best by looking your best.

Having a correctly fitted, comfortable, high-performance fabric jacket, can have an immeasurably positive impact on your performance, helping you to achieve not only your style goals, but your season goals too.

Customers often ask me what I need from them to help find the perfect jacket, here’s the lowdown...

Firstly sizing, I prefer to understand the size a person will need first, so we can then explore all possible style options:

You’ll need to measure your waist (at the very smallest point), and your bust.

Now for us busty girls this is super important, but a good idea for everyone, when measuring your bust, do so in your sports bra, these tend to compress the gals for protection, which also results in a slightly smaller bust.

Armed with this more accurate measurement (as I know none of you are riding with an unsupported chest...come on girls we know the risks!) I stand the best chance of helping you to find your perfect fit.

I also urge customers to consider how they like things to fit.

Some ladies go for the tighter the better, and look fabulous doing it! For some of us confidence comes from a looser fitting coat, and that is absolutely OK too. Remember you’re more than a set of measurements, you have the right to choose how your clothes fit you too, and this is such an important factor to consider. This could also relate to your discipline too, jumpers and event riders using their coat for showjumping, will invariably need slightly more give. For Dressage riders, a stunning silhouette is super important, so I tend to advise going for a fitted look in a tailcoat, for example.

In conjunction with sizing and fit preference now is great time to let me know if you have any other specific fit concerns. By this I mean, when buying clothes what challenges do you typically face. Are the sleeves or body too short because you’re an amazonian goddess? Do you struggle to fit your magnificent shoulder and arm muscles? Are you gifted with a teeny tiny waist and struggle to get the desired fit? Don’t be afraid to tell me about what makes you unique. We stock a range of brands and styles, and have different lengths available, and I’ll do my very best to find something that works for you.

Next, do you have any none-negotiable style requirements, like a specific colour, a disdain for bling? Let me know so that I can factor this in to my suggestions.

Click here to get in touch.

If you’re looking for personal shopping assistance, and you’ve sent me all the requested information, then I’ll begin my sending through my top picks for you and proposed size or sizes. If you’d like to get going now flicking through our impressive collection, here are some of my top picks:

Pikeur Talia - Classic. Clean. Traditional.

This is a great choice for US hunter jumper classes, or simply those who don’t want a lot of fuss, and prefer a sleek, smart look. I’d recommend this for athletic/ slim builds.


CT GP (or in orange) - A pop of colours. The perfect choice for dare devils


With bright colours being worn by top riders around the globe, and BD recently relaxing their rules, now is the perfect time to embrace the rainbow.


CT only comes in a regular length, so this would work best for more petite ladies.


Vestrum Nizza - Dare to shine. The ultimate choice for lovers of bling.

Although only offered in one length, this is far from a short or skimpy jacket and will work great on most body types, thanks to the concealed zip.


Pikeur Isalie - The Crowd Pleaser


A great choice for all disciplines and taste, with some bling and a flattering cut that looks great on everyone.


You can explore our full collection by clicking here.


So why wait? Contact me today, and set yourself up for a winning season.


Stay safe and stylish,




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