Delivery Disputes

We are very sorry if you experiencing issues with your delivery, and we are here to support you in every way possible.

DHL Express have their own processes for delivery disputes so if your parcel was sent with Express Worldwide shipping, please contact us to begin the process of a claim. We would also encourage you reach out to your local DHL depot or national office to see if they can assist.

For parcels sent via standard mail, in the first instance we kindly ask you to complete the following steps:

1) We respectfully ask that you double check with your neighbours, any safe places, in and around the property and with again with any fellow tenants, family members and staff who have access to the property. 99% of the time this is how missing parcels turn up, and we want to help you find your order as quickly as possible! We also recommend checking your mailboxes if applicable.

2) Please make every attempt to get in touch with your local delivery driver and/ or post office directly. We ask that you try to do this wherever possible, as they may be able to to help you locate the parcel more quickly than initiating a formal investigation.

3) If you have still not located your parcel:

UK Customers: please inform us as soon as possible and send any applicable evidence to support your dispute  and we will initiate a claim with Royal Mail.

International customers: Royal Mail now request that you initiate an investigation through the national postal service who delivered the parcel first, and the easiest way to do this is usually online. Please send us confirmation that this has been done and any applicable evidence to support your dispute and we will consult with Royal Mail on the best course of action.

Please find below links to initiate investigations for our most popular destinations:

USPS  Canada Post  Australian Post  Post NZ

If you have any issues submitting your enquiry, the best course of action would be contact the relevant customer care team for your national postal service. 

You must inform us within 7 days of the delivery scan date for Express parcels and within 30 days for standard shipments if you wish to dispute delivery.

Please be advised that Royal Mail aim to conclude all domestic claims within 30 business days, and international claims within 90 days. Regrettably we can neither expedite this time frame, nor guarantee a successful result. During the investigation, depending on their findings Royal Mail will likely reach out to you for your testimony that the parcel was not received, this will be either via post or email, the sooner you provide them with the necessary information, the sooner they should be able to conclude their claim. 

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