Free Delivery on orders over £50

We are very sorry if you experiencing issues with your delivery, and we are here to support you in every way possible.

For parcels sent via standard mail, in the first instance we kindly ask you to complete the following steps:

1) We respectfully ask that you double check with your neighbours, any safe places, in and around the property and with again with any fellow tenants, family members and staff who have access to the property. 99% of the time this is how missing parcels turn up, and we want to help you find your order as quickly as possible! We also recommend checking your mailboxes if applicable.

2) Please make every attempt to get in touch with your local delivery driver and/ or post office directly. We ask that you try to do this wherever possible, as they may be able to to help you locate the parcel more quickly than initiating a formal investigation. 

3) If you have still not located your parcel, please inform us ASAP.

You must inform us within 5 days of the delivery scan if you wish to dispute delivery.

Please be advised that our next step would be to file an official claim with the shipping company, this may involve your needing to complete a declaration of non-receipt which is considered sworn testimony. We aim to be impartial in these situations and allow everyone the right to an investigation provided we are made aware within the necessary timeframe.

If claims are successful, orders will be replaced. Please note that we can only take responsibility in the case of a delivery failure, this does not extend to situations where items have been safely delivered and then stolen. In this case, the best course of action would be to contact the local authorities.

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