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Much like the elusive search for the perfect pair of jeans, finding the best style of breeches for your shape can be a daunting task. We believe everyone should look great and feel great whilst enjoying the sport they love!

We’ve designed our website so you can easily filter all our breeches with size, colour and fit options, so if you know what you’re looking for, you can easily narrow down your search!

But for ladies who need a little help to find the perfect fit, we’ve put together a handy and comprehensive guide to the best styles for individual shapes…

Tall/Long legs

We have some great news; all our Pikeur breeches come in longer length sizes! Right from the smallest to the largest size, there is always an option to opt for the longer length fit.

Long length breeches have an extra 2.5/3cm in the cut, making them longer in the leg and slightly higher in the rise.

We normally recommend ladies around 5ft9 (176cm) and taller choose the longer length breeches, but this obviously depends on your body shape, leg length and person preference. Some customers as small as 5ft6 opt for this fit as they prefer the breeches to go right down to their ankles…. the option is there so its all up to you!

Curvy (big hips and/or bum)

For those of you lucky enough to be crazily curvaceous, higher-waisted styles tend to work best, both for comfort, and in helping to accentuate your assets.

 For a great everyday pair at a reasonable price, we recommend the classic Lugana:

Pikeur Lugana Breeches: Click here

If you’re looking to spend a little more for a more elaborate pair, we can’t recommend highly enough the curve-friendly Candela Breeches! These come in a few different colours and fabrics, but our favourite is the Candela Jeans Grip breeches. With 4-way multi stretch fabric, thick waistband and elaborate high waist design, these breeches will surely make you a stable style icon:

Pikeur Candela Grip Jean Breeches: Click here

You can also view all our other high waisted breeches: Click here

If you have a really big bum or are extra curvy, you may want to consider choosing a knee patch style. This is because without the full seat, the fabric will be able to stretch more around all your curves, making the breeches that extra bit comfortable!


For the more slender amongst us we have some specialist designs on hand to solve any fitting faux pas! The stylishly simple Sally Slim Grip breeches are the perfect choice with slim-fitting legs, PIKEUR emblem on left leg and two-front open pockets, and available in variety of colour options:

Pikeur Sally Slim Breeches: Click here

We also recommend the Henriette breeches! These have a slim fit lower leg which is great for those with a slim calf. This style is available in full suede seat, grip seat or knee patches

Pikeur Henriette Breeches: Click here


For the Kourtney Kardashian’s amongst us, blessed with petite perfection, we recommend the Pikeur Children’s range, stocked with a myriad of different styles to take your fancy.

Whilst the sound of children’s breeches might put some people off, don’t let this alarm you. Most of the Children’s styles are copies of the ladies breeches, so no one would ever know they were meant for children, unless you tell them!

The sizing can be a little tricky to figure out, but you can check the size guide on each individual product, or view our general size guide.

To see the full kid's breeches range, click here.

Our favourite of the kid’s breeches? The Pikeur Karlotta girls breeches, a mid-waist fit elegantly designed with a sprinkling of sparkle!

Pikeur Kalotta Grip Breeches: Click here

Big tummy (and expecting mums!)

Here we have two options! Depending on what feels the most comfortable for you…

Option 1: Leggings style breeches
If you are looking for maximum comfort this will probably be your best option! Over the last few years with the increased popularity of the riding leggings and yoga pant look, Pikeur have introduced so many great leggings style breeches. These have a super stretchy elastic waistband, making them very comfortable and easy to get on and off! You can view all of these here:

Leggings style breeches: Click here

Option 2: A Low waist fit
This might be the best option for you if you do not like a waistband to sit too high around your waist, of if you still prefer a breech rather than the more modern leggings style.

Our top pick for this would be the Kira comfort breeches, these have an extra 4cm in the cut of the waist, designed particularly for this shape:

Kira Comfort Breeches: Click here

You can also view all our low waist styles, click here:

We hope you’ll enjoy our top pics listed above, we have wide range of further options available too. If you would like individual advice on shopping for your shape, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

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