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Unfortunately men are for Christmas not just for life, and assuming they subscribe the traditional belief that the mere act of being born is an achievement to be celebrated, you’ll more than likely find yourself wracking your brains at least twice a year trying to thing of something they will a) like, and b) haven’t already treated themselves to.

To simplify this seemingly gargantuan task during the festive period, we’ve created an expansive but not exhaustive list of quality products that offer both style and functionality and are sure to prevent any grumbling come December 25th.

First of all, let’s talk stocking fillers or small gifts, great as accompaniments to the man gift for your special man, a budget friendly option if your funds are going elsewhere, or a generous offering for the other men in your family:

Pikeur Logo Socks

These socks are actually a great unisex option and may fulfil some of your other gifting needs this Christmas, but being devoid of any bling or bright colours they work particularly well for men. Favoured by equestrians for the tube leg, which fits perfectly under long boots and also looks super chic when pairs with trainers/ sneakers for course walks.

A great way to give a taste of the world’s most brilliant brand without breaking the bank!

Pikeur Functional Neck warmer AW21

A winter-themed gift that offers comfort and style, and is guaranteed to stop him from moaning about the cold whilst out riding or spending time at the barn/ yard, and is also great for a myriad of other winter activities like hiking and skiing.

Moving onto more some more premium items...

Pikeur Noah long-sleeved shirt

Coming in at under £80 including VAT, the Noah is still a great price, and a perfect choice if you’re looking to treat the special man in your life whilst still keeping those Christmas costs under control. Available in two grey colour options: classic navy and twilight blue, this shirt is a smart choice for riding out, attending clinics or lessons, and also looks great with jeans, making it the perfect addition to his wardrobe!

Pikeur Mio Quilted Jacket

Mamma mio this is gonna look so good! Available in black and navy, this stylish quilted jacket offers great style and protection from the cold. Lined with fibre balls for functional warmth, and featuring a slightly shiny outer fabric, this coat is ideal for riding out, attending competitions and can also be used as a casual jacket to see him through the cooler months in style.

Coming in at just under £180 with VAT, this jacket is the ultimate investment, and will last him for years to come.

Pikeur Navaro Jean knee grip breeches

Men’s equestrian style can sometimes seem a little limited, with typically far fewer options offered than exist for ladies. These super stylish denim breeches are a wonderful choice if you’re looking for something a little different to wrap up this December.

Priced at just under £190 including VAT ($218 without tax), this luxurious gift is a perfect choice for professional riders, or dedicated amateurs as the multi-stretch denim fabric offers unparalleled comfort when worn even for long periods of time. It is also super easy to care for and will last a really long time.

We hope you’ll find this guide helpful! As always, we are on hand to help in any way we can, so if you have any questions about any of the products, or you need some additional suggestions, please contact us.

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