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Which White is Right?
White breeches, otherwise known as a thorn in the side of almost all the competitors required to wear them. Even those blessed with slender figures, still struggle to find styles that fit comfortably and don’t show the world everything including the freckles on their ankles.
Luckily, Pikeur have some creative style options here to safe the day and put those white woes to bed once and for all, here are my top picks:
Everyone's favourite dazzling denim is here to save the day in white! Ideal for curvier ladies wishing to escape the unforgiving nature of traditional white fabrics. This style offers superb comfort and a trendy ‘white jean’ effect, combined to produce a truly unique offering in the white breech arena.
Perfect for sporty show jumpers who seek technical comfort and stretch, without transparency. This fun new style features a highly elasticated and almost completely opaque white fabric guaranteed to have you springing out of the saddle in style. As an added bonus, the outer fabric is water-resistant! Perfect for unpredictable competition climates.
Pikeur Ida Grip Kids Athleisure breeches
A superb choice for children and slimmer or petite ladies combined! Featuring the same high-quality stretch fabric as the above mentioned Hanne model, this style features exciting detailing and comfort, whilst also maintaining modesty with a virtually opaque finish. Also offering a great alternative to ladies breeches for competitors who struggle to fit slim legs and petite figures, all at a fantastic price!
One of the best offerings from the 2019 New Generation Collection, the Henriette breeches (how could I not love that name?!) offer up a sizeable portion of bling, in a comfortable hard-wearing fabric, with a cut ideal for ladies lucky enough to be blessed with slim calves. 


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