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How to find the Perfect Pair of Breeches

How do you find the perfect pair of riding breeches? I often say to customers to be as exacting with me as possible about how they want their breeches to fit because honestly, I LOVE a challenge!

Much like training an uncooperative horse, the search for the perfect pair of breeches is often, frustrating, infuriating, and let’s face it, if you don’t really know what you’re doing, it can be complete and utter waste of time.... But don't fear, that's why we are here! With a bit of help from us, I’m hoping we can turn searching for breeches into wondrous quest culminating in a new addition to your equestrian wardrobe that you truly love forever.

To avoid frustration when searching on site, it helps to first know your size, so you can add that to your filters. You can check which size would be best for you based on your waist and hip measurements in our size chart, alternatively, please just get in touch and I can make a recommendation. 

I always do my best to meet all the criteria a customer gives to me, but it pays to remember that much like when making any significant purchase (a car..a house..a horse), you may have to compromise on something. A great place to start is to ask yourself, what are your truly non-negotiable criterion?

You can then begin your search based on these key characteristics...

If you’re not sure what your essential criterion are, here are some questions to ask yourself as a starting point:

  • What kind of waist height do I want?
  • Do I need a phone pocket?
  • What kind of fabric will best suit my needs?
  • Do I want a full seat or a knee patch pair?
  • What type of knee patches or full seat do I want: suede or silicone grip?

At this point in your search, you’ll also want to consider any fit concerns you have. By that I mean: have you been blessed with amazing curves, slim legs, shapely leg muscles or are you perfectly petite? Keep these in mind together with your non negotiable preference as a starting point for your search.

Here are my top style tips to find the perfect fit for any shape:


Curvy Figure - focus your search on higher waisted styles, with wide waistbands. Denim fabrics are also a great option for a more casual look, offering lots of stretch for that perfect fit.



Candela print

Candela Jean

Slim legs - it’s best to focus on styles with a full suede seat, or any that mention ‘Slim’ in the description. You should also consider children’s breeches if you are a UK size 10/ US size 6 or below.

Style recommendations:


Explore the new Vestrum collection



Short legs - focus on styles with a lower rise, as these tend to have a considerably lower inseam than higher rise styles. You should also consider children’s breeches if you are a UK size 8/ US size 4 or below. In the larger children’s styles, the length is quite long so anything above this size wouldn’t work.

Style recommendations:

Lucinda Grip

Explore the children’s collection


Muscly legs - choose a style that has both a stretchy fabric and a grip seat panel (if you’re wanting full seat) to ensure a a generous/ comfortable fit in the leg, and allow great ease of movement when riding. Denim fabrics are also a great option, offering lots of stretch for that perfect fit/ look.

Style recommendations:

Sephora Grip

Candela Denim

Vestrum Adria 

Long legs - all of our Pikeur breeches are offered in regular and long, but truly tall babes may find even the long isn’t cutting it in some styles. If this is usually the case for you, focus your search on high-rise styles, and of course select the longer length. In the same way that lower rise styles offer a shorter inseam, the inverse is true for higher rise styles, and you should hopefully find that those few extra CMs make all the difference when it comes to comfort and fit.

Style recommendations:

Candela (grip or suede)

Pregnant/ postpartum/ larger in the tummy - focus on styles that are going to give you as much comfort as possible in the stomach/ waist, like the athleisure pull-on styles with elasticated waistbands.




Now you’ve asked yourself these two key questions:

What do I want?

What do I need?’re ready for the fun bit...SHOPPING...

My best advice would be to filter according to what you want, and then search for what you need within that selection of breeches.

For example, if you’re essential search criteria is for a high waisted pair, and you also need something slim in the leg, then you would focus on high rise breeches with suede seat panels...

If you want a blingy pair and need plenty of room in the legs for your amazing muscles, focus on Breeches with Bling, a grip seat panel and stretchy fabrics...

If you’re desperate for a grip seat pair, and need a short leg, explore the low-rise ladies, and the children’s breeches (if applicable) with this type of seat...

Now you’re ready to head to My Breeches to find the breeches you WANT and NEED...

Click here to explore all our ladies styles >> 

Stay safe and stylish,



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  • Wowwww what great advice!! I emailed Henrietta as I couldn’t decide between 2 styles. She helped me select the Orelle breeches which are FAB. Definitely recommend getting in touch if you need some extra help. Thank you!!!

    Laura on

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