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A Dressage FairyTAIL: Why Pikeur is the Perfect Choice for the Centre Line
Once Upon A Time, in a land far, far away there lived a Princess who had a pony called Puzzle. Her one true love was Dressage, jumping scared her too much, and cross country just looked crazy. Dressage was nice, peaceful and beautiful, she could do this. She dreamed of riding Puzzle around a dressage ring, the two of them in perfect harmony. But what would she wear? That was a question which always puzzled her; She needed to find that perfect outfit for her competitions that would finally land her the coveted Dressage Diva Diadem. At the first the Princess despaired, how would she ever get this just right, and then she found this blog..


As a dressage rider, it's important to stand out from the crowd and make a statement during competitions. Thus ensuring you make a lasting impression on the judges. Your competition outfit should be impeccably smart, well fitting, sleek and stylish embodying both your unwavering commitment to the sport and your personal style. And of course the piece de resistance of any higher level dressage outfit is the tailcoat/ shad belly.

Tailcoats are a classic style for dressage riders, so it's important to find one that really makes you look your best. In this blog post, we'll explore the ways in which Pikeur’s offering of styles is the ultimate choice, some stylish alternatives if you're not quite in tails territory yet, and some other wardrobe essentials.
Understanding Dressage Competitions
Dressage competitions are all about elegance, precision, and technical expertise. Dressage riders aim to showcase their horses' agility and movement through a series of choreographed routines. Dressage competitions come in different levels of difficulty, ranging from the beginner level to the more advanced grand prix dressage. And of course Eventing dressage, where your score from the centre line can make or break your final placement across the 3 levels of competition.
For Pure Dressage competitions, tails are expected though not demanded from Advanced tests and above, and for Eventing, it is customary to begin using tails from CIC 1*level.
When it comes to dressage competitions, your attire is as important as your performance. A well-dressed rider and horse create a stunning image that can add points to your overall score. That's why choosing the right dressage outfit is crucial. One essential item is the dressage tailcoat, also known as show coats. A dressage tailcoat is the pinnacle of dressage attire and is worn in the highest level of competition.
What to look for in a Dressage Tailcoat
A Dressage competition demands an exceptional standard of performance and style. Your outfit should make you feel confident and poised as you execute the intricate movements required in this discipline. A crucial aspect of your show outfit is the dressage tailcoat.
When selecting a dressage tailcoat, it is essential to prioritise functionality and quality of the fabric. The tailcoat must fit impeccably, allowing freedom of movement while also accentuating your figure. The material should be durable, comfortable, and lightweight to help you stay focused during the competition.
For the highest quality in dressage tailcoats, it has to be P I K E U R. Pikeur's heritage and expertise in producing high-quality equestrian clothing have made it a favourite among riders worldwide. Their attention to detail, impeccable tailoring, and use of the finest materials make their dressage tailcoats a top choice for the grand prix circuit.
All Pikeur Tailcoats are leather lined and weighted, unlike many other brands, ensuring they hang beautifully and exude luxury from every angle. The weight in the flaps is a particularly important feature and not purely for aesthetic reasons. This prevents the tails from flapping and distracting your horse from their performance, it also aids your mutual safety in very windy weather, as flailing fabric can really spook horses, in particular youngsters. I would always recommend to a customer, whether it is their first tail coat or a new one, that they spend some time training their horse in the coat prior to a competition, this helps you both get comfortable with the way the coat feels and prevents any stress come show day.
Selecting a Pikeur dressage tailcoat for your competition will help you stand out in the ring, elevating your performance and showcasing your style. These tailcoats are an aspirational item that every dressage rider dreams of owning. Ultimately, your dressage tailcoat should not only meet functional requirements but also represent your style and personality. Whether you choose classic or modern designs, you should aim to create a lasting impression that embodies the grace, elegance, and power of dressage riding. 
Choosing the Perfect Style
Much like when choosing a wedding dress, while some riders may opt for bold and modern designs for their dressage tailcoats, there's something to be said for sticking to classic and timeless styles. These options are elegant, understated, and perfect for a higher level Dressage or Eventing competition.
One of the most popular classic tailcoats is the Lilien by Pikeur.





This jacket features a beautifully tailored cut with a tapered waist and flared skirt that flatters the rider's figure. It's made from high-quality materials that offer breathability and comfort during long days of competition. The Lilien is offered in a classic version with ornate crystal detailing matching the main colour of the jacket for the most part, with some subtle colour variations in a silver tone and interchangeable points to help you better express your personal style. As well as the Pure Rose version, which boasts iconic rose gold accents.

The Pure Rose version like most great things in life has sadly come to an end, and Pikeur has made the decision to discontinue this gorgeous style. We’ve fortunately been able to restock this beautiful coat, so we do recommend purchasing now if you’ve had your eye on it before it’s too late...
No matter which classic tailcoat you choose, you can't go wrong with a sleek and stylish look that stands the test of time. These jackets are versatile enough to be worn for years to come, making them a worthwhile investment for any serious dressage competitor.
As an alternative to the trademark Lilien, this Spring Pikeur introduced their first ever short tailcoat, the Cecile, and with it a great way to achieve the style gravitas of tails, no matter the level you're currently competing at. The Cecile features dramatic diamanté detailing, contrasted with muted darker tone buttons, creating the perfect marriage of the subtle and the stylish, culminating in a truly special coat guaranteed to set you apart as you head down the centre line.
 Essential Accessories to Complete Your Look
While a stylish tailcoat is the centerpiece of any dressage competition outfit, the right accessories can make all the difference. Here are some key pieces to consider:
1. Stock Tie: A white stock tie is a classic choice for dressage competitions. It adds a touch of formality to your look and helps create a cohesive outfit.
2. Gloves: A good pair of gloves not only looks elegant, but also helps you maintain a secure grip on the reins. Choose a pair that fits well and complements your show coat.
3. Helmet: Safety should always be a top priority, so be sure to wear an approved riding helmet. You can choose from a range of styles and colors to match your outfit.
4. Boots: Tall, black dressage boots are a traditional choice that provide support and protection for your legs. Look for a pair that fits well and has a classic design.
5. Hair Accessories: Keep your hair tidy and out of your face with a hairnet or a chic bun cover. Coordinate the color with your show coat for a polished look.
Remember, the key is to keep your accessories understated and complementary to your show coat. Together, they create a sophisticated and cohesive look that will turn heads in the dressage arena. To truly make a statement in the dressage arena, you'll also want to coordinate your accessories with your horse's outfit. Consider a matching saddle pad, ear bonnet, or even a brow band to complete the look.
Remember, your horse is your partner in this competition, and complementing their appearance is just as important as your own. With the right tailcoat and accessories, you and your horse will be the ultimate showstoppers at any dressage competition.
So there you have it Princesses, all the information you need to create the perfect Dressage Look...
See you on the Centre Line!
Stay safe and stlish,


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